Education Director
Phone: (616) 681-9510 ext. 351
Toll Free: (866) 681-9510
Fax: (616) 681-9520
Address: PO Box 218
Dorr, MI 49323

The Tribe offers many scholarship opportunities for members. The following programs are available through 638 to all GLT Members:

638-Higher Education Scholarships
This program is for all students enrolled in an accredited college/university. Scholarships are based on the student’s unmet need, which is determined by the financial aid office of the school for which they are enrolled. Most scholarships are based on $100 per credit hour with a $1200 maximum award allotted. ALL scholarships must be submitted within the first 60 days of the start of classes. The tribe also funds a grade incentive program. The only requirements for this benefit is to achieve at least a 2.0 GPA, submit your grades to Leah and a check will be sent for you to use any way you wish. This is our award to you for doing so good in school. For example, if you take 12 credits and achieve a 3.75 GPA, you are entitled to $540.00!

Vocational Training
This program was established to assist the membership to acquire the job skills necessary for full time employment. The requirement are the same as the above mentioned 638 scholarship only it is available for accredited vocational schooling such as cosmetology school, truck driving school, mechanics school, etc. This is a one-time only opportunity.

Employment Assistance
The tribe is able to help members search for jobs, create resumes, provide means for clothing for interviews, clothing for the job and a stipend once a job is obtained to aid them until they get their first pay check. To be eligible you must reside in the State of Michigan, be at least 18 years of age, be unemployed for a minimum of 7 days and be actively seeking a permanent, full-time position. Other unlimited services use of computer lab, resume software, paper and enveloped for resumes, local newspaper for job searching, mock interviews.

GED Testing
This program will assist with GED testing fees.

Johnson O’Malley
In order to be eligible for JOM you must be a member of the Tribe, enrolled in school and be between the ages of 3-17. JOM offers benefits to reimburse families for out of pocket expenses related to school such as gym shoes, gym uniforms, band instrument rental, cap & gown for graduation, etc. Each student is allotted up to $75 per semester.